Welcome to the website of the Dartmoor District Museum.

The Museum was opened in 1993, utilising a central field-limestone building that served many purposes since it was built in the 1870’s: coach-house and stables, blacksmith shop, carriage-maker’s, motor-repair business, rendering house, and hardware store. Extensions added in the 1950’s had histories of their own as a bank, barber’s shop and forestry office.

Proprietors Michael Greenham and Elly Colley are keen to preserve the object, written, oral, and pictorial history of the Dartmoor district, and thank the many community members who have supported them in this endeavour to date.

We hope you enjoy your virtual visit, and look forward to a real tour at some time!

All content of this website, written, images or otherwise, are the intellectual property of the owner Michael Greenham, unless otherwise stated. This material cannot be reproduced without the owner’s consent.

You can view current and past exhibits, the history of the museum and the building as well as various photos through the menu.

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Michael and Elley,
    Both Hamlet and Cephas Haines are my Great uncles, which makes me very interested in the diary entries that you wish to publish, as I have not seen them or been aware of their existence. My paternal grandmother was Millicent Haines (Hamlet’s sister) My father (Milliy’s first born) was born on the 24th of April 1915 (the day before the Gallipoli landing) and was named Cephas James Cram in honour of his uncle who had by then enlisted and took part in the landing..
    My name is Alvin Cephas Cram, and I am the second son of Cephas James Cram.

    • Hello Alvin

      Great to hear from you – we are glad you have visited the website. Apologies, there was an issue with the menu, which is now sorted. Under the Research menu are the diary entries.

      Enjoy – we would love to hear what you think!


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