The Dartmoor District Museum is located at 90 Greenham Street, Dartmoor, VIC, 3304. Visits are currently by appointment only, please contact Michael Greenham via email or on (03) 55 281 435.

Michael Greenham can conduct viewings, tree-tours and can discuss family history by appointment.


5 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hello – my great, great grandfather was Charles, George Greenham, married to Kate Murray on 1873 (I think in Melbourne). Is there anything in your records which would indicate if it is the Charles, George Greenham referred to on your website? It mentions that he had 3 wives and I’m wondering if Kate was number one, or if this is a different Charles, George Greenham? Thank you – kind regards – Louise Edgar

    • Hi Louise. At last – a direct descendant! Thank you for getting in contact. Indeed Charles married for the first time to Kate Murray in 1873. She was a couple of years older than him, a daughter of Stephen Murray and Isabella Hannen. They had 5 children, but tragedy befell the family late in 1883. Possibly as a consequence of childbirth complications, poor living conditions, and/or the demands of 5 infants under 8 years of age, Kate aged 32 died in Richmond . It was perhaps indicative of the family’s financial state that Kate was buried in an unmarked grave at Boorondara Cemetery, Kew. I am intrigued to know which child are you descended from, and have you had any family folklore or photos handed down? The quickest way for us to communicate further is if you email . Regards, Michael

  2. Hi, my great grandfather was Amos jones, his father Thomas jones, and Thomas father Owen jones whom I believe built the school at drik drik and the stone work for the drik drik cemetery. Do you have anything on the jones family in the museum?
    Thank you

  3. Hello Michaei. I have been tracing my family who I believe settled at Drik Drik on a farm abt 1913-1920 My Great Grandfather George Smith came to the district with his wife and their children Victor , Fred, Florence , Alice May and Robert. I have been informed that they attended the Drik Drik primary school no 971 and have been able to clarify this .I have checked with the PROV Ballarat without success. George passed away abt 1920 and arrived in Australia disembarking at the Port of Melbourne May 1913.
    Would you have any information about the children attending the Drik DRik primary school . I would be very greatful for any assistance .

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