2014 – Currently on display at the Town Hall in Casterton, a series of photographs and stories highlighting European history associated with the Glenelg River will come to the Museum after a period in Casterton in 2013. Several of the images and text information used in the display were provided to curator Trevor Smith, Glenelg Shire Cultural Collections Manager, by the Museum.

From 4 August 2014, the 100th anniversary of the entry of Britain, and thereby Australia, into World War One the diaries of Hamlet Haines will be on permanent display. Hamlet lived with his family at Sandy Waterholes on the Glenelg River. They were sheep farmers, boat builders, and tour operators and Hamlet kept a daily note of those activities. Of particular interest is that his older brother Cephas Ratchue Haines enlisted in the AIF a few weeks after the declaration of war, and Hamlet kept a log of the family’s contact with Cephas and their feelings over the subsequent years. Diary entries from 4 August 1914 until 11 November 1918 will be put daily into social media, from 4 August 2014 until 11 November 2018, as a tribute to life of Cephas Haines and the window to the past provided by Hamlet Haines. Lest We Forget.

2015 – The Owl Collection of Noelle Hendriks. Noelle has recently returned to settle in Dartmoor after thirty years of living in The Netherlands and, owl collecting. [Not live ones!] The result is a stunning number and variety of ‘collectables’ depicting this most appealing of creatures. The owl has a venerated place in folkloric history, be it Greek, Celtic, Chinese or Zulu. This is a must-visit from which you will certainly emerge wiser, if not blinking in the light!


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