Postcards of Margaret McDonald

Within the Museum collection are a number of postcards once belonging to Margaret Adam McDonald [1/12/1876 – 8/7/1957]. From 1905 until 1915 she collected postcards received from correspondents including family, friends and other collectors. Her albums contained in excess of 1000 cards, most of which were donated by the Museum to the Australian National Museum, Canberra.

Unfortunately, to date, few of her own writings and cards have been traced via the descendants of her postcard correspondents. It is an ongoing goal to locate some of them to add to the wealth of history contained in the messages.

Margaret was born in Dartmoor and later lived in Strathdownie and Portland. She lived an ordinary life by accepted standards of fame; she worked as a domestic servant on several large Western District properties, worshipped quietly in her faith, enjoyed tending the garden of her guest-house she ran in Portland, and was a solace to her family and friends.

The normal tribulations of life were also her lot; her fiancee died, she was afflicted with excema and other ailments, her brother was killed in World War One and in her final years her home and extensive library were burned. She did not marry and left no issue to directly carry her memory.
Anyone who has information or cards or would like to see the text written by their relatives is invited to contact the Museum.

The list of card correspondents is:

Alexander, Adela
Anderson, B.L.
Astbury, Annie Elizabeth Frederica [Freda]
Bert ?
Byron, Annie Elizabeth
Cain, Eva Jane [Eve]
Cain, Mabel
Clark, Ellen E.
Clark, Janie
Clark, Maryanne
Connie ?
Coogle, A.
Davids, Amalia
Davids, Moritz J.
Davidson, Pearl
Douglas, Dorothy Pauline
Fowell, Maggie
Garrett, Sadie A.
Green, Alice
Greenham nee McDonald, Grace [G.G]
Gregg, H.
Gwen ?
Hannah ?
Henry, Winifred
James, Eliza J.
Johnson, A.
Kant, Edith Marion
Kennedy, Rose
Lawrence, Ada Beatrice [A.B.L.]
Lawrence, Naomi Alice
Lees, Annie
MacGillivray, Mary Elizabeth [Mollie]
MacGillivray, William
MacLean, Ethel
Martin, Constance Ella
Mason, Charles H.
McClelland, Maud
McCorkindale, Jessie Ann
McDonald nee MacDonald, Eliza Thomson
McDonald, Alvie Sorlie [Alvie]
McDonald, Christina [Teenie]
McDonald, Flora Isabella [Flo]
McDonald, John [Jack]
McDonald. Jessie [Dunc]
McLaren, Len
Meagher, Rose
Milne nee MacGillivray, Sarah Adeline [Sadie]
O’Neill, Mrs A.J.
O’Rorke, Margaret Annie
Palmer, Thomas D.
Penfold, Joseph H.
Price, Edith G.Neilson [Ede/Edie]
Quinan, Clara Ethel
Reid, Alexander [Lex]
Reid, Emma Agnes [Daisy]
Reid, Susan
Roebuck, Lucy Maud
Savage, Grace A. [G.A.S]
Sealey, Alf
Sealey, James
Smith, Florence Beatrice [Floss]
Steminger, Irene
Torii, C.
Walker, Florence
Watson, Alice Jesse [A.W.]
Wedd, Daisy
Wedd, David
Wedd, Eva Mary [Eva]
Wedd, Oscar Phillip


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